Seeking truth and being pragmatic grasping management inspired by the spirit of seeking beyond Science and Technology held a "big dry 120 days" mobilization meeting


September 8 morning, Qinhuangdao Tianye Tong Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. held a "big dry 120 days, full of sprint annual target task" start the assembly, proposed around the annual business plan, combined with "total quality management-TQC", " No accident "activities, go all out to win this 100 days to attack the" battle. "

The meeting was presided over by Wang Jinxiang, general manager of Tongluo Science and Technology, and the management department organization, company executives and supervisors of various functional departments attended the mobilization meeting.

The head of the business center, staff representatives at the meeting have to stand, carry forward the team spirit, hardship in the former, charge in the former, race against time sprint target. Wang Jinxiang, general manager pointed out that the company this year around the established goals, struggling to promote the work of cadres and workers stable, production and operation orderly progress, the cost of frugality early results, steady expansion of overseas markets, safe production continued smooth. Because of our unremitting efforts, in the enterprise development and upgrading of the changes, we see hope, but also to enhance customer confidence. It is necessary to see the results, to see still exist in the gap, problems and difficulties. Wang Jinxiang stressed that the big 120 days starting point, in order to corporate social responsibility, the enterprises own development, employee life happiness, promote cost reduction, production management and quality management continue to move forward.

At the meeting, Wang Jinxiang, general manager and the business unit signed a letter of responsibility, hope that the full range of staff confidence, do not find any excuse, leaving no escape route, take the target on the wall, node monitoring and other measures, both fast and field to promote their respective tasks.

The company from top to bottom, surmount, to "jealousy" and the style, insist on goals, riveting energy, help Chinas high-speed rail construction, and strive to create "first-class" great dream.

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