Tianye communications 2017 TQC total quality management has achieved remarkable results


There is a kind of strength, always support forward courageously Tianye communications in the pursuit of a dream on the road!

That is, deep quality concept in enterprise culture Tianye communications genes, in order to create a better product quality, to win the respect of consumers.

"Moving customers, first class", 20 years this classic business slogan, so that people deeply remember the days of industry links.

Tianye Tong for the pursuit of product quality, 20 years of ups and downs have not changed.

From the bridge erection of construction equipment, the first domestic brand,

To large-scale lifting equipment leader,

And then to the special transport vehicles swept the world "handling experts"

As well as high-end mold market triumph,

Tianye Tong has been constantly in the development of the brand beyond, and strive to become "better"!

"Quality of the Road, the choice of trust." Tongzhi made with excellent quality, interpretation of the national industry legend!

Tianye Tonglian in the field of large bridges and equipment, green energy equipment, major national defense marine industry, high-end aerospace vehicles in the field of repeated achievements, repeatedly by the Xinhua News Agency, Reuters and other domestic and foreign mainstream media reports, become moving the world of Chinese brands story!

"There is no best, only better!" Breath is a new, solid pace.

January 19, 2017, through the joint quality of science and technology to start the General Assembly held a victory. Wang Jinxiang, general manager and various departments signed a quality management responsibility book, in accordance with the "full participation, improve quality, moving customers," the goal of the overall deployment, and promote the whole staff to participate in quality management unprecedented enthusiasm, system-wide innovation to improve the news , Good news constantly ... ...

In the first half of 2017, 152 proposals were received and 139 improved

Of which 31 were improved in technology, 23 were improved in process, 14 were improved in procurement, 13 were improved in production, 17 were improved after sale, 25 for quality improvement, 16 for Anhuan and other comprehensive improvement.

"Do not receive bad products, do not produce bad products, do not issue bad goods!"

In accordance with the beginning of 2017 to develop various departments TQC assessment indicators, monthly assessment, evaluation, quarterly rating. Adhere to the principle of open fairness and impartiality, reward and criticism.

"Do not explain the bad reason to think about the good way." action! action!

1. Large training:

Quantity: 7 times, name: total quality management start publicity meeting; total quality management departments of the special meeting: the Ministry of production, technology, procurement, technology, foreign associations; semi-annual comprehensive quality management summary and training;

2. On-site discovery of the problem at any time on-site training:

Number: 31 times, the main content: the inspection director for the inspection process found in the outsourcing, outsourcing and workshop workshop on-site training; system for the department in the system to run the problems found in the correction training.

There is a feeling, always inspired by the days of industry in the industry to serve the country on the macro chapter pointing Jiangshan!

That is the spirit of craftsmen, that is the quality of feelings. Quality is the lifeline of enterprise survival, total quality management TQC involves everyone, every thing. Unicom united, starting from me, do every job!

Total quality management awareness is being integrated into the blood, into the soul, embodied in every subtle action, every bit of action .......

 Tianye Unicom will be excellent quality, in the industry to serve the country on the road to glory in the global high-end equipment battlefield invincible!There is a feeling, always inspired by the days of industry in the industry to serve the country on the macro chapter pointing Jiangshan!

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